ADFRA – DFRDB Update – July 2020

20 Aug 2020

Hi All,

This Update although short in itself has reference to our letter to three Federal Government Minister’s, I commend it to you particularly the paper developed over a long period by Herb. I believe this paper clearly sets out our case and justifies the need for a detailed investigation that is not inhibited by dodgy Terms of Reference.

We still need you to contact your State/Territory Senator’s I contacted every Senator (72) and received about 10 replies. They will only react if you enter your name and address and you are on the electoral roll of their State/Territory. We are fighting for you, but we desperately need your support.

If you have not registered with ADFRA would you consider doing so? just enter ADFRA into Google and then go to registrations. This is important to us to provide us with the critical mass of members so that our politicians will sit up and take notice. We have more registered members than many other ESO’s and I ask you to consider if other ESO’s you may be involved with are doing anything for your DFRDB Benefits.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has replied to our latest submission by telling us he intends to do nothing about the concerns we raised, and he will not answer any further correspondence. The Ombudsman has spoken and let nobody question his views even though in one area of his report he shows he could not interpret the Act.

Please circulate to DFRDB members /recipients and try to get your friends to who may be supportive of our case to also register.

Keep safe in these trying times


Jim Hislop OAM

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