ADFRA – DFRDB Update – September 2020

23 Sep 2020

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Another short Update.
CDDA Application
Herb has still heard nothing regarding his claim.
Legal Action
We have received a Departmental Reply to our Request for Amendment of the DFRDB Act, in which we requested:

  1. The amendment of the DFRDB Act;
  2. The recalculation of the retirement pay reduction for recipients yet to reach Schedule 3 life expectancy;
  3. The refund of all retirement pay and invalidity pay reductions which exceed the amount commuted; and
  4. The restoration of the relativity of DFRDB benefits to the rates of those benefits at the time of retirement.

However, before we can appeal the decision in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal we have had to submit a Request for Re-consideration of Decision.

Stay safe.
Jim Hislop OAM

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