ADFRA – DFRDB Update September 2022

14 Sep 2022


Federal Court Hearing: Justice Perry has still not yet handed down her decision.

Meeting with the New Minister

In our July 2022 Update we advised that we had requested a meeting with the new
Minister, the Hon Matt Keogh MP, to discuss our major concerns with the DFRDB scheme.
To which the Minister ultimately agreed. A meeting, to be attended by Herb Ellerbock and me, was arranged in Canberra on 6 September. It was originally scheduled for 60 minutes but subsequently reduced to just 30 minutes.

The meeting took place as arranged. Unfortunately, I tested positive to COVID the day before, so Herb had to manage on his own.
While the Minister professed to understand the content of the presentation Herb had prepared, it was clear from his questions there were aspects of the effect of the legislation he did not understand.
The Minister also questioned the relationship between DFRDB and Age/Service Pension payments and the cost of our proposals.
As the Minister had requested a copy of the presentation, Herb took the opportunity to include additional details to clarify the matters the Minister had raised.
In summary, the hearing we received was as good as, if not better than, expected.
We now await the Minister’s reply.
Understanding the Concerns

It is essential that everyone gains a proper understanding of what the major concerns with the DFRDB scheme are, so that everyone, who wants to approach or has an opportunity to speak to a Member of Parliament or Senator, conveys the same message.
Those concerns are stated in Herb’s presentation, the slides for which can be viewed or downloaded here.

Jim Hislop OAM

Herb Ellerbock and Jim Hislop