ADSO Video 5 – Peter Criss on Indexation

1 Nov 2011


In this latest ADSO “Fair Go!” video, AVM Pete Criss talks about the letter written by four Labor MPs to the then Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner. It is well worth watching.

 We are pleased to report that of the previous 4 video releases, 3 of them have now reached well over 1000 views and the fourth is close to 1000 views – and the numbers are all still increasing. It indicates that some real viral activity is happening. But more needs to be done to generate full viral circulation.

 With your active support to get these videos into the wider community through all your email contacts, facebook and other social media, we can achieve the wider public awareness and support necessary to generate pressure on the MPs and Senators for a change in Government policy .

 There are four more videos to come in this series on topics that include: widows, the blame game, restoration or upgrade in service conditions and comparison with private enterprise. Each video delivers a powerful message, so look out for a release every Friday evening in the coming weeks.

 And please, don’t just pass this on to your friends and contacts. Also ask them to support the campaign, by passing the link on to their social networks, including their friends and family and all of their contacts, both military and civilian, and adding the link to their facebook page where they have one.

  Thanks for your continuing support.

  From the “Fair Go!” Team

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