Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin – Statement on WRA amendments

1 Dec 2014

The Government has announced an agreement to seek to vary the 2014 Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (2014 WRA) approved by the independent Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal (DFRT) on 3 November 2014.

The DFRT agreed to a 4.5 percent pay increase over the three year life of the 2014 WRA. The first 1.5 percent increase took effect on 6 November.

The DFRT approved the 2014 WRA based on demonstrable productivity gains, including the reform of conditions of service and allowance provisions.

Over the past month, the Government and I have continued to monitor and discuss the 2014 WRA, including the implementation of the changes to ADF leave provisions, food allowances and travelling allowances which were all required as part of the productivity offsets underpinning the pay rise.

Since the original WRA was determined, the Government has agreed to amend the framework within which the original agreement was decided. This means that the ADF is no longer required to provide these productivity offsets to fund the 2014 WRA increases.

I have written to the DFRT to advise them of this. Should the DFRT agree, the changes announced in November will not be implemented. Noting that the changes were not due to be implemented before 1 March 2015.

The ADF will continue to receive the 1.5 percent pay rise that took effect on 6 November 2014 until a new determination is made.

I will advise ADF members once I have confirmation from the DFRT that the changes I have outlined are agreed.