Australian National Flag Day – 3 September

2 Sep 2022

This year’s Australian National Flag Day, on 3 September 2022, marks 121 years since the Australian National Flag was first officially flown in 1901 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne – the site of Australia’s first Parliament.

Australian National Flag Day is an opportunity for all Australians to observe this anniversary by flying or displaying the flag.

The date of 3 September also marks Merchant Navy Day. It is an opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of thousands of Australia’s merchant mariners during wartime operations. Organisations and individuals commemorating Merchant Navy Day may fly the Australia red ensign. When the Australian red ensign is flown along with the Australian National Flag, the Australian National Flag should be flown in the position of honour.

Additional information on how to acknowledge Australian National Flag Day and the protocols for flying the flag can be found on the Department’s website at

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