Commentary – The Real Voice

28 Jan 2023

Australia Day, 2023.

As you and I were celebrating our wonderful country with family and friends, the inner-city elites were marching in the streets, setting Australian flags on fire, demanding we cancel Australia Day.

In stark contrast, Alice Springs – my home town – was on fire with crime and violence.

Forget “Invasion Day” – my neighbours are more worried about home invasions.

“Genocidal colonialism” is usually the last thing on your mind when a gang of machete-wielding thugs bursts into your house in the middle of the night.

That didn’t stop the woke elitists taking to the streets in Sydney and Melbourne and Canberra, though.

You and I have heard their arguments before.

The activists scream about reparations while trouble-free white Teal voters feel good about themselves for standing up for ‘justice’ (before heading off to their beach holiday retreat for the long weekend).

But this time there’s a sinister undertone to their protests.

While the professional activists and white managerial strivers shout to the wind about the injustices of Australia Day, Alice Springs is falling apart.

While they will go home and sleep soundly, Indigenous women and children are scared in their beds as alcohol fuelled violence rages around them.

It’s gotten so bad Albo finally realised he had no choice but to turn up.

I’ve been calling on the Prime Minister for months to take a break from his overseas trips, visit the Territory and take some real action.

This week – after months of avoiding us – Albo finally got on the private jet to Alice Springs.

But so far all we’ve heard from him is talk.

He doesn’t have the courage to take REAL action in a way that will actually curb the violence and chaos.

To make matters worse, Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney has rolled up to complain that if only we had a Voice to Parliament we could have stopped this earlier.

What a crock.

Let me tell you, Linda, I am Indigenous.

I’m from the Northern Territory.

I have a voice.

I am literally in the Parliament.

And you didn’t listen.

I told you abolishing cashless debit cards and opening the floodgates of alcohol would cause absolute chaos and it has.

The alcohol bans have to come back, not just for a week, but fully and properly.

I have put forward a law in the Senate that will help fix these issues.

Albo and Linda need to come to the table and get it passed.

Forget the Voice. Forget all the activist rubbish. The safety of Indigenous women and children has to come first.

This Australia Day, it’s time Albo gets serious and stops talking about problems and starts fixing them.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory