Commentary: Treat Each and Every Case on Its Merits

30 Jul 2022

CHARLES McMoran Wilson enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a 32- year-old specialist physician on the declaration of war in August 1914.

As 1Bn Royal Fusiliers RMO until 1917, then senior medical officer at a large hospital at Boulogne, France he was intimately familiar with the multiple physical and mental injuries suffered by soldiers suffered in the war. 

He developed an enduring professional interest in studying the psychological nature of courage in combat. 

If specialists like Moran struggled with human frailties and reactions in the stress of battle, what miraculous insights gives others less qualified, or worse, with absolutely no experience or understanding to sit in judgment of others who have? 

Ben Roberts-Smith has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership on not just one, but multiple occasions. He deserves the law to decide his case on merit, not professional opportunism.