Defence:Trilateral Aukus agreement redefines submarine warfare with a sonobuoys algorithm

1 Jun 2024

The future of Britain’s submarine fleet is being reshaped by a trilateral defence agreement known as Aukus, involving the UK, Australia, and the USA.

Watch: Aukus ushers in new era in submarine detection

The next-generation SSN-Aukus submarines, set to be built in the UK and Australia in the 2030s, will exemplify this international collaboration.

Beyond submarines, Aukus has already started revolutionising submarine detection, with a new algorithm allowing shared sonobuoy data processing by the end of this year. 

This technological synergy promises to enhance anti-submarine warfare capabilities across the vast Indo-Pacific region as the video above explains.

It will turn the cat-and-mouse game of submarine hunting into a co-ordinated effort, where an array of ‘cats’ makes it nearly impossible for the ‘mice’ to hide in the vast Indo-Pacific waters.