DFRDB UPDATE – March 2023

8 Mar 2023

Federal Court Hearing

We still don’t have a decision but received this from Justice Perry’s Associate:

“Justice Perry is aware that judgment has been outstanding for some time.

Unfortunately, while her Honour had intended to address this judgment over the January court break, her Honour was still recovering from COVID-19 over that period.

While her Honour is unable to give a precise time for delivery of judgment, she will give this matter appropriate priority.  Chambers will be in contact with an update in due course.”

Meeting with the new Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) President

In Canberra on 16 February 2023, we met with DFWA’s new President, Del Goudry.  To try and resolve the differences in the DFRDB outcomes being sought by DFWA and ADFRA, we demonstrated the operation of the DFRDB Act and the implications of DFWA’s current proposal.

We have yet to receive a response but are hopeful that DFWA will align its objectives with those of ADFRA and that the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) will follow suit.

Renewed Effort for Fair Treatment

We will never abandon the fight for fair treatment over our superannuation entitlements.  To that end, we have produced; The DFRDB Deception.pdf, which is a re-statement of our position and the Annotated Letter to Mr Ellerbock.pdf, which debunks the continuing misinformation being spread by the Minister’s office.

We encourage members to download these documents, send them to their local Members of Parliament and Senators, and circulate them far and wide.  The question which should be asked is “Why is this allowed to continue?”

Jim Hislop  OAM

Comment from Tony Horsington

G’day all,

Please read Jim and Herb’s most recent update which outlines our quest to have our Military Super restored to parity and follow the ‘Click Here’ link therein to see the latest load of misinformation from our Government, courtesy of the PS machine.  

As an example, my DFRDB Superannuation has been reduced as ( at 2022 ) by about 48% of entitlement. 

I, and others, have been actively campaigning over the past 35 years to have errors of administration, legislation interpretation and indexation without any tangible result. 

The mismanagement by the controlling bureaucracy in all aspects of the Military Super ( specifically the DFRDB ) needs to be publicly recognised. Once this occurs, then – and only then – will our legal entitlement be restored.

I have the firm belief that we need to bypass the process of seeking justice through the political process, which is very cleverly controlled by the very senior Public Servants, who have clearly demonstrated – since the inception of the 1972 Jess Report and subsequent 1973 legislation – to have surreptitiously and overtly contrived to reduce Veteran’s Military Superannuation entitlement at will.

As a result, I believe this needs to be addressed to the current Royal Commission, where the PS cannot easily affect the outcome.