DFWA – WRA Survey Update 13 October

13 Oct 2014

This is a special update from the Defence Force Welfare Association (endorsed by ADSO) regarding the 2014 ADF Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA)

We hear you, LOUD & CLEAR!!

A big thank you to those of you that have completed our survey and hello to all our new virtual members who have subscribed to receive our emails. It hasn’t yet been three full days since the CDF announced the WRA offer, and yet the DFWA has so far received over 8,100+ submissions to our survey. We have been overwhelmed by the responses, and it is clear that ADF members are far from happy with what is on offer.

Our submission is being drafted to present to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal. BUT we still need more survey submissions. We have heard that many members have been on leave, so we are again asking you to please share this Update with your ADF colleagues.

For those of you that may have missed it, the CDF’s signal can be found here  The essence of the Offer consists of a “………salary increase of 4.5% over the three year life of the WRA with an annual increase of 1.5% being paid from 6 November this year.”

There are trade offs as follows:
• Removing of one of the CDF approved leave days over the Christmas period;
• Removing extra recreation leave (ERL) provisions;
• Replacing the current three rates of motor vehicle allowance with one at 63c/km;
• Increasing the maximum limits that a person can drive in a day (typically used on postings) from 360km to 500km (with trailer), and 480km to 600km (without trailer);
• Replacing on-going food allowance for MWDU members with a one off ‘larder allowance’; and
• Increasing the minimum qualifying period for HDA from 5 to 10 days.

If you haven’t already done so and you are a serving ADF member, please complete our short two-minute survey  to assist the DFWA in making its submission to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal, and advise as many of your ADF colleagues of the questionnaire survey and encourage them to complete it as soon as possible. This issue is very time sensitive!

Thank you for your support. We will keep you updated as the Workplace Remuneration Deal progresses and more information comes to hand.

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Alf Jaugietis