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20 Sep 2011

Peter Criss Latest Video



An Inconvenient Truth


Who is to blame for the fiasco of unfair indexation of military super pensions? Does it really matter whos to blame?

In this weeks video (No 8 in the Series), AVM Peter Criss addresses the blame game which is a favourite cop-out of politicians. He also returns to the key issue of fairness which sits at the heart of our campaign. The logic of his arguments and the conviction of his presentation makes it a video well worth watching.

Hes Back!

This week, AVM Peter Criss returns with the next video #7 in his series on Fair Go Issues – Is it Restoration or an Upgrade?

Through statements made in Parliament and in its ill-informed Fact Sheet, the Government has attempted to misinform the public by suggesting that we cant have the fair indexation we seek because it would be a retrospective upgrade to our conditions of service. Nothing has angered our supporters more than this deliberately misleading tactic to deny fair indexation to military superannuants.

In this video, AVM Peter Criss (Retd) exposes the truth about this issue in his usual forthright style.

You can watch the video here: Fair Go!

And while on the site, you will also be able to view other videos in the series you might have missed previously.

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7:30 Report – Interview with a war widow, Danielle Kitchin



Sues Story


Please give it some time. its 24M in Size


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