20 Sep 2011

 3 Jun 2010 A short summary of the Fair Go Campaign Issues is here
adobePDFIcon 2 Jun 2010 Hansard – House of Representatives debate on the Australian Government Superannuation Schemes – includes many references to the Indexation matter, and in particular DFWA involvement
adobePDFIcon  25 Feb 2010. Press Release: DFWA Responds to Senator Sherry
adobePDFIcon  24 Feb 2010. Press Release – The DFWA asks was the Pension Indexation Inquiry prejudiced?
adobePDFIcon Our letter to the Prime Minister on the subject above
adobePDFIcon  21 Feb 2010. DFWA we wrote to Minister Tanner seeking advice regarding the response he made during the Q&A Program. No Response provided as Yet
adobePDFIcon 03 Feb 2010.
Speech by Senator Johnston to the Senate.
WordIcon  18 Nov 2009. Senator Fieldings speech in the Senate