Update Jan 2012

2 Jan 2012


Issue # 1 Dated: 11 January 2012

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A Happy New Year to you and your family may it bring happiness, wellbeing and success in everything you do.

Thank you for your support in 2011. With it we have achieved a forward momentum by your actions and the lobbying activities of our Action Teams in Canberra and in the marginal Federal electorates.

Our 2012 plan is to increase pressure on all Parliamentarians (the legislators) to achieve our objectives. We will do it with action plans that expose to the Australian people our objectives and the Parliaments intransigence and that engage relevant Parliamentary leaders and ministers in the National Capital and the local MP in the marginal Federal electorates with our Action Groups.

You can play a major role by increasing your commitment from being kept informed to joining your Action Groups and /or providing your professional advisory skills to us. Please volunteer at www.adso.org.au

This Newsletter concentrates on national exposure with Peter Crisss article published in todays PUNCH.

Why have we abandoned our troops?

Why have we abandoned our troops?
by Peter Criss | “The willingness of future generations to serve in our military will be directly dependent upon how we have treated those… [READ MORE]

We urge you to read and add your comment on Petes article and/or the comments made by others. As second best, if you are reluctant to write a comment, then simply click the Recommended box at the end of the article.

We need a show of strength in numbers to let the nation know that we are deeply concerned with the Parliaments reluctance to correct the injustices identified in our Campaigns objectives www.adso.org.au . See the Most Commented list at the end of Petes article. We need to beat the most numbered to put and keep Peters article on the list.

An additional encouragement for us is the 2010 Election Voter Trustworthiness Survey conducted and released/reported on in the Australian on Wednesday 29 December 2011. It showed that the military were perceived by 93% of voters as the most trustworthy institution.

As always please pass this request for support to your Associations network, your family and friends. Dont delay. do it NOW.

Thanks for your continued advocacy and support.

From the “Fair Go!” Team

Campaign Directors:
Ted Chitham [email protected]
Ray Gibson [email protected]

Campaign National Spokesperson:
David Jamison [email protected]

Stay current with the Campaign at www.adso.org.au