29 Dec 2011


Note. The term digger Diggers embraces Army, Navy and RAAF as does the intent of this verse.

We were carefree youth who chose to serve in the Army
Some would say we must have been barmy
How many miles did we march on by
Sometimes without water and mouths so dry
There is a list of places we could name
Where hardships and danger were part of the game
How often to loved ones did we bid hooray
There were less of us on return to say gidday
Id love a quid for each minute we were scared
Or soaking wet, hungry and a muddy hole for a bed
Yet we soldiered on in thick and thin
Sometimes we lost and sometimes would win
How many promises to us were made?
Gawd, quicker than bloody Houdini, they did fade
“In Korea, it was home by Christmas” they said
Three years later there were more wounded and dead
Dont forget the fifties and sixties with “Reds under every bed”
“Theres light at the end of the tunnel” so they said
What about Rudd vowing to honour those who wore the thread?
Or Julia promising never to forget; well at least when youre dead
Now a new nursery tale spun by Canberra Suits is rife
“DFRB was never intended to replace wages in working life”
We knew that but the system didnt plan for subsequent financial strife
Caused by eroded purchasing power due to unfair indexation
Many would say were victims of sheer bloody discrimination
All we wanted was a fair go and to meet our modest needs
Without cap in hand to Centre Link to ensure a bed and a feed

In all those years of soldiering we believed in duty, loyalty and trust
Even when tasked with the impossible, the mission at hand was a must
Our end reward for soldiering was total betrayal which we still face
Thanks to Judas wearing Canberra Suits in that once honourable place
Pollys, shame on you for double standards and ignoring our plight
Come Election Day, OZ will surely remember and vote to get it right

George Mansford, October 2011