29 Mar 2021

The Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO)1 calls on the Prime Minister to
establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicide.
We acknowledge the depth of feeling within the veteran community regarding the
tragedy of veteran suicide. ADSO is aware and conscious of the views of both houses of
the Parliament.
If the Prime Minister decides to establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicide,
ADSO commits to fully supporting the ensuing inquiry. That is the democratic
environment in which we reside.
ADSO believes that it is imperative that the work of the interim Commissioner into
veteran suicide continues with her brief. She has proven diligent and penetrating with
her investigations to date.
Suicide impacts all sections of the Australian community. It rips families apart. It is a
national issue that demands an answer.
Why are so many on our best and brightest taking their own lives? Veterans, first
responders, those in the rural and remote regions, professionals, those in the aboriginal
communities are all part of our story. The ‘Why’ this is happening must be found.
Prime Minister, it is time to bring this divisive debate to an end, call a Royal
Commission into veteran suicide!

Kel Ryan
National Spokesman
Alliance of Defence Service Organisations
Mobile: 0418 759 120
1 ADSO comprises The Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA), Naval Association of Australia (NAA), RAAF Association (RAAFA), Royal Australian Regiment Corporation (RARC), Australian Special Air Service Association (ASASA), the Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Service Men and Women, the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia, Partners of Veterans Association of Australia, Royal Australian Armoured Corps Corporation (RAACC), the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association Australia (NMBVAA), Defence Reserves Association (DRA), Australian Gulf War Veterans Association, Australian Commando Association, the War Widows Guild of Australia, Military Police Association Australia (MPAA), the Australian Army Apprentices Association, the Women Veterans Network, and the Combat Support Association.