National Vietnam Veterans Museum: A Call to Arms

6 Feb 2023

Attached is a flyer addressed to all Vietnam veterans alerting them to a Victorian Civil and Administrative Council (VCAT) hearing at which the NVVM will argue against some objections raised by self-important individuals to the construction of a new museum building on our land. The objections are flimsy, to say the least, and negotiations to settle the matters without recourse to VCAT have stalled. Ironic that one of the objectors is the very same person who sold us the land knowing full well what was planned for it.


We have spent $1M on achieving the DA which is extremely comprehensive, has the unanimous support of the Bass Coast Council who issued the DA, and is regarded by a town planner as the most comprehensive DA he has seen. It meets all of the extant regulations and legislation. The objectors pay nothing, we cop the bills for legal representation at VCAT!

The legal costs to defend our case at VCAT cannot be met by any form of grant nor from other grants and donations received which are tied to specific projects, hence our appeal to all Vietnam veterans to join the fight for their museum.

A significant number of your readers are Vietnam veterans, and I am seeking your support for our call by placing this flyer3 in your newsletter for the attention of your Vietnam veteran readers, and of course, we would welcome donations from any of our readers irrespective of their service.


Bob Elworthy AM
NVVM Secretary
M: 0402106262