Opinion – Conflict is a real danger and we are totally unprepared

25 Apr 2022

As the uncertain but deeply ominous storm clouds of a global struggle for dominance gather again, there appears to be a worrying lack of urgency in Australia.

I grew up in the shadow of war, the son of a man who bravely bore the scars of unmentionable conflict.

It gave me a very deep appreciation of those who had given so much to secure the free and blessed Australia I’ve lived in all my life, and ensure that I’ve not had to face the dreadfulness of the battlefield.

It also gave me an absolute ­conviction that every effort should be made to preserve our security, peace and our place in a rules-based global order.

This Anzac Day should be an opportunity for national reflection on just what those who gave so much might think of us as the heirs to the freedoms they secured.