Oxford Union Debate – We Would/Would Not Start a New Cold War with China

23 May 2020

“The complete debate is well worth listening to as the question of China and its developing influence is problematic for us here in Australia. The China question will not go away so it is best to be aware of all the nuances in these interesting times. It is important to note that this is a competitive debate and the views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily reflect their personal views. That is what debating is about.

In some ways it is unfortunate that the focus on the debate has been on one of the speakers i.e. Anastasia Lin. Ms Lin speaks forcefully, for the ‘For’ proposition, with conviction and with street credibility as she has been denied re-entry into China. All the other speakers, both for and against the proposition articulate their case well. They each have background in China, international affairs and are a mix of Chinese heritage, American and British.” – Kel Ryan National President DFWA

Here is the full debate

The Oxford Union – China Debate – 26 Feb 2020

The Oxford Union is a debating society. Every Thursday evening during term the Union hosts one of its main debates. Speeches from many of these attract significant media attention worldwide.  

China Debate – This House Would Start A New Cold War With China

“With China engaging in ever-greater brinkmanship at home and abroad, is the west’s policy of accommodation and cooperation towards China sufficient for this new era, or is it time for a more robust approach”?

SPEAKERS IN PROPOSITION: Anastasia Lin and Dr Michael Pillsbury

  • Anastasia Lin  :  Chinese-Canadian actress, beauty queen and human rights advocate. She was ruled persona non grata by China in 2015 for her advocacy.
  • Dr Michael Pillsbury  :  American Director of the Center of Chinese Strategy. He is the author of multiple books about China, and one of President Trump’s top advisors on China.

SPEAKERS IN OPPOSITION: Michael Fuchs and Dr Kerry Brown

  • Michael Fuchs  :  U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, from 2013 to 2016. He previously advised Hilary Clinton on foreign policy.
  • Dr Kerry Brown  :  Academic and former First Secretary at the British Embassy in Beijing, China. He is now Director of the Lau China Institute at KCL.