The Home Front: Our Vets’ Never-ending War Within

24 Nov 2022

THE HOME FRONT documentary by Patrick Lindsay explores the plight of Australia’s modern war veterans, taking viewers on a journey of discovery into a world all too often filled with darkness, depression, PTSD, homelessness and suicide.

The film allows our vets to tell their own stories. They are supplemented by the stories of their families and loved ones. And their problems are examined by experts and illustrated with real examples.

Our modern veterans are tragically over-represented in our homeless and in our suicides. One in every 20 of Australia’s homeless are veterans.

Ex-servicemen under 30 have a suicide rate more than twice that of the national average.

The film is available free-to-air on Nine’s catch-up platform, 9NOW .

The producer Patrick Lindsay says, “I’m very passionate about the film. It took three years to complete and it’s the most important work I’ve done. I’m very keen to spread the word about the problems facing our veterans as widely as I can”.

“Having a wave of veterans and their families viewing the film via 9NOW will prompt Nine to re-broadcast it and put it on the national agenda. Next year I’m hoping to tour the film nationally via RSLs, services clubs, etc to continue a national conversation and to bring the many isolated modern veterans into their community’s embrace”.