Veterans claim they were lied to about their superannuation

29 Mar 2019

There’s anger among some 50,000 Australian veterans who say that after serving their country they were lied to about their compulsory superannuation.

Many years after retiring, they’re still paying off what they were led to believe was a loan but turned into a life-time debt.

The Veteran’s Affairs Minister has now called an inquiry.

See the ABC TV’s 7.30 Report from Leigh Sales Thu 28 Mar 2019,Thu 28 Mar 2019,

chester smlIn the Report Minister Chester says: “Given the documents provided to me today provided contrary advice to the official documentation I have received in the past, it is appropriate that an independent person has a good look at who provided the advice, were they authorised to interpret it the way they have …. and what status has the document….. Having an independent person go through the full scope of advice provided is an important way to handle it”