Videos about Indexation

19 Sep 2011

Digger James
Digger James – Message to Australia

Neil Weekes

Neil Weekes – More Than Photos – We Want a Fair Go

Keith Payne
Keith Payne VC – Message to Australia
Keith Payne VC – Fair Go Campaign

Keith Payne VC – The “Unique Nature” of Military Service

Peter Criss

Retired Air Vice Marshall (AVM) Peter Criss speaks for the “Fair Go!”Campaign in a series of videos.

 Here is the first – The True Cost.

AVM Peter Crisss second video

ADSO A Fair Go

Peter Criss s third video

What Got Me Involved

Peter Crisss fourth video

ADSO Matthews Report 

Peter Crisss fifth video

Labor MPs Letter


Peter Crisss sixth video





Michael Von Berg
Michael von Berg – What Are The Outcomes from the Fair Go Campaign




External Video Programs

Penny Wong – an Exctract from the ABC TV Show Big Ideas on a debate Titled “The Major Parties are Failing Us” Listen to what Penny says about the Indexation costs.


QAlogo – 15 Feb 2010 Q&A Program. Peter Thornton asks the questions to Lindsay Tanner

   adobePDFIcon A more detailed extract from the above program
   adobePDFIcon  DFWA Press release on the above program

Video by Peter Thorton on Indexation

NOTE: Peter had hoped it be shown during his question but the ABC refused  let alone the graph that would have given impact to his question that was supposed to be asked. Even the original question that had been drafted by those representing superannuates was hacked by the ABC & given to Peter to read only moments before the show began. 

ABC-logo-420x0 22 Jul 2011  War veterans campaign for better pensions


   adobePDFIcon Press Release about the above Program