4BC Interview with Peter Criss

20 Mar 2013

4BC Interview with Peter Criss

If you missed the excellent interview on 4 BC this morning with Greg Carey then listen to it here

Greg Carey was very generous with his time, giving Peter about 50 minutes to talk about the issues and take a number of phone calls from listeners. It was a very valuable opportunity to create further awareness of the campaign in the public arena. That was achieved as measured by the 4BCs switchboard being bulked out with cued callers and many couldnt get through as well as the volume of emails and text messages sent during the show. This is a great effort, and our sincere thanks goes to all who acted even with such short notice. It is obvious that we do have a national ready reaction force. Thanks for your support.

After you have listened to the podcast continue to act and have your say by completing the Comment Form on the podcast page.

Keep those comments coming: the more we have reinforces the level of community support to our issues. 

And please pass this message and encouragement to all of your contacts.

All for one and one for All

The Fair Go Team