About Us

The Alliance (ADSO) is the Defence Family’s advocate to governments, parliaments and the Australian people. It’s role is to care for the well-being of the Defence Family and protect their service entitlements.

The Alliance was formed in 2010 because many of the major ex-service organisations realised the need for the “Defence Family” (DF) to have a one united national voice and representative body to Government. At that time the RSL National declined to participate believing it was the sole veterans’ representative to the Government. ADSO disagreed and established itself as that united voice.

The Alliance today comprises:

In considering the wider defence family’s community of interest network, the issues ADSO advocate can impact on the lives of about 4,000,000 Australians.

The Defence Family relies on the Government for fair and equitable treatment of their service conditions in a way that is unique within the Australian community. They expect a Fair Go in that their conditions of service under which they served will be honoured.

The Alliance has developed considerable credibility and respect from the authorities, the media, the community and professional groups. This has helped to influence governments’ decisions impacting our Defence Family, to legislate the Veterans’ Covenant and also to gain support and understanding from parliamentarians from all political persuasions.

ADSO’s Fair Go Campaign

The Fair Go Campaign is ADSO’s advocacy voice to all Australians to achieve its role objectives.

The Alliance is non-partisan.  It does not support or oppose any political party. It does, however, support or oppose policies that may help or hinder respectively our Defence Family. It’s representations and submissions are based on facts. It is honest and respectful in its public statements and criticisms of opposing commentaries.

ADSO engages directly with the Government and political parties to achieve its objectives. By necessity it operates within the political arena to lobby on an issues basis that involves direct and indirect representations top down to relevant Government Ministers and Shadow Ministers and other relevant political Party Leaders and bottom up to all Federal MPs in their electorates.