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A major ADSO role is to care for the well-being of the Defence Family by providing advice and access to support agencies.

DVA Health & Treatment.

Supports those who serve or have served in defence of our nation, and their families. Key services: Covid 19 Information, Support for Families, Mental Health Support Services, Veteran Card, Arrange for a Taxi or Hire Car, Receive Urgent Help and Support

Veteran healthcare cards

Cards that give you access to certain benefits. The benefits depend on the card type. You may get free or cheaper health care and support, discounts on medicine, transport, and water and power bills. Some businesses may also give discounts. Cards include: Veteran Card, Veteran Gold Card, Veteran White Card, Veteran Orange Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Service pensioner who can get a Gold Card and The Cards available to you and your Family.

Local or overseas medical care

Whether you are here or overseas, we may cover the medical care you need. In Australia, we pay your care costs at hospitals we partner with, and can arrange and cover costs to transport you to the nearest health provider who can treat you.

Injury or health treatments

Whether you need care for an injury or health condition, or a health check if you’ve been exposed to harmful substances, we may be able to help. We provide free mental health care for all veterans and resources to help you manage your wellbeing.

Care at home or aged care

We offer a range of care services that can help you stay in your home or support your return home after a hospital stay. Our services can also help your carer, or guide your move into residential aged care.

Help to cover healthcare costs

You may be able to ask us to give you back money after you pay healthcare bills. We can also help you cover energy costs if you need to run medical equipment at home. This includes home heaters or coolers that help you manage your medical condition.

Work and social life programs

We give you practical support to improve your health, work and social life. This may include help to plan and manage your care, or to find, train for or stay in a job. We can also guide you in how to make social contacts in your community. Services include: Diabetes Support, Electric scooters and wheelchairs, Heart Health, Help for Alcohol and Drug problems, Well-being and Support, Help to Plan Your Care, Work and Social Support, Help with Jobs, Men’s Health Education and Support, and Day Club Programs.