A Proposed Australian Military Accord

1 Oct 2014

The concept of an Australian military accord or covenant flows from an understanding of this uniqueness and the objective is to set out the mutual obligations between the Nation and its servicemen and servicewomen. ADSO believes it will help promote greater awareness and understanding within the general community of the demands placed on ADF members, as well as the community’s expectations of the ethos and standards demanded of them. It would also place on public record the Nation’s enduring obligations to those who serve and have served in the ADF.

ADSO’s policy on this matter is here at page 24

Support to policy was given yesterday evening 30th September, by Senator James McGrath (Qld LIB) in his speech to the Senate concerning his thoughts with regard to the need for the Australian nation to formally acknowledge the unique nature of the military service of men and women who serve, who have served and the sacrifices of their families. He addresses the matter at the fourth minute of his speech.