Add Image

23 Oct 2014

How to add an image to an article


1. Select the article you want to edit

image 1


2. Find the image you want to insert -> if you want to insert an image of an mp i recommend

 image 2

3. Save the image

image 3


4. Edit the article

image 4

5. Click were you want to insert the image

Image 5


6. Click Insert Image Button

image 6


7. Upload Or Select Image (if the image has allredy been used or uploaded to the site you can find it on the lleft in the file browser if so skip to step 11)

image 7


8. Upload Image

image 9


9. You can drag and drop the image inside the box

image 10


10. You can also browse for the file (Recommended if you don’t know were to get the file from)

image 11


11. Click the add image button (NOT the insert button at the bottom)



13. Edit feild as required (Optional)

image 12b


14. Click Insert

image 12c


13. Move and recise as required (Optional)

 image 13


14. Remember to save the article