ADF Current Issues – Overview

13 Aug 2013

The ADSO  “FAIR GO!” campaign is an issues based, apolitical (non partisan) campaign to correct existing wrongs and improve the well being of the Defence Family.
It began with the formal establishment of The Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) comprising DFWA, NAA, RAAFA, RAR Corporation, ASASA, APPVA and VVAA  prior to the 2010 Federal Election to influence all political parties to accept our objectives and in Government to implement them.

ADSO is dedicated to protecting the interests and entitlements of the Defence Family related to their specific employment service contract. Paramount in that Family are the ADF current serving and past serving members and their families. It does this through DFWAs advocacy representation direct to related authorities, the Government and the Parliament.  But we need your help to identifying those issues.

Current issues 

    • Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme (MSBS). There are a number of inequities with MSBS which we are attempting to highlight to get resolved. To date we have been unsuccessful in influencing the Government and Opposition to include indexation of MSBS pensions and preserved benefits in their 2013 Election military superannuation policies. But we will not relent in our efforts to correct this exclusion and injustice. See our latest Flyer in The Defence Newspapers 12 August issue, Army, Navy and Air Force.

You can help us to help you by commenting on these issues and identifying others.