ADF Transition Guide

10 Apr 2023

The Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP) offers individual assistance to permanent, full-time and Reserve members. Access to the DFTP is provided by your transition coach and programs are available for up to 24 months post-transition.

READ the Transition Guide details here and note the Resources Fact sheets

Message from the Chief of the Defence Force (Extract)

Transition from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is something every member and their family will experience at some point in their career. When you decide to begin to transition, it’s important you’ve given thought to what you’ll do next, and ensure you’re informed and educated about your options.

Although you may not have made the decision to transition from Defence yet, now is the time to ask questions, gather information and include your family in the process.

For members who have set a transition date, I sincerely thank you for your service. Your contribution to our Defence Force and Australia cannot be understated. Please remember, we are committed to helping you through your transition and where possible, we look forward to continuing your connection with the ADF in another Service Category or in another capacity.

To the partners and family members reading this guide, I do not underestimate the support you have provided to your loved one, and continue to provide.

Transition from the ADF will be a big life change for your family. I recommend you involve yourself as much as possible in the transition process. Your support and assistance will be incredibly valuable. While ADF members are the ones who are serving, you support them to do so and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you to all Defence family members for your contribution to our country in supporting our ADF personnel throughout their journey.

Thank you and best wishes in your transition.

General Angus Campbell AO, DSC
Chief of the Defence Force