ADSO Media Release – Government Continues to Break Promises on Diggers Pay and Veterans’ Pensions

14 Jan 2015

ADSO Media Release
Jan 14, 2015
The Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) welcomes the RSL Board’s statement condemning the Government for not only its recent paltry 1.5% per annum pay offer the serving men and women of the ADF but also for hitting the hip pockets of the disabled and War Widows communities by winding back to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) only their hard-won pension indexation arrangements.

The Alliance calls on the Government to ‘leave the way disabled veterans and war widow pensions are adjusted alone; restore faith in ADF wage fixing arrangements by removing the provision that allows behind closed door deals; support a fair wage offer that matches the expected increases in living costs over three years; and instruct Defence not to increase such Defence engendered charges as married quarter rents and ration charges by a greater percentage than the pay rise offered’.