Media Release – Veterans dismay at funding deal

30 May 2013

The National spokesman for ADSO, David Jamison, stated that veterans were scathing in their
condemnation of the political deal in which MPs and Senators awarded
themselves $58 million from the public purse on top of the existing
allocation to fund their parties and political movements. At the same time a
Government Minister is going around criticising those veterans who are
campaigning to encourage the Government to meet its obligations to ADF
members and veterans on superannuation and Veteran Disability Pensions.

Such is the double standard that even Labor Party elder, John Faulkner,
savaged the proposition of political party funding reportedly stating in
caucus that he was ashamed that his Party would contemplate something
like that, and that it tarnished the Labor record. It sure does!

This shameful and self serving act also comes on top of the Government
stripping $4 million from the funding to help serving ADF members,
veterans and their families seek advice and assistance from ex-service
organizations to make rightful claims for support from the Department of
Veteran Affairs.

The Alliance implores parliament to not to act in such a selfish way and
redirect these funds to help meet its obligations to its servicemen and
service women veterans.

Media Contacts
Executive Director: Alf Jaugietis 0438 282 284
ADSO National Spokesman: David Jamison 0416 107 557