13 Jun 2016

Three weeks out from the election and still no substantive policy announcements from those seeking election to federal parliament. It is not as if the serving and ex-serving community leaders have been silent. They have strongly urged the adoption of positive policies to redress the failures of the past and improve the lot of serving and former ADF members.

We advocate;
1. A review of DVA Culture and Processes and veteran rehabilitation and compensation legislation.
2. Increased Veterans’ Disability Payments to restore a loss of value and provide our most disabled veterans with an income level enabling them to live with dignity and provide for their families.
3. Fix the discriminatory provisions of the military superannuation schemes and fulfill the undertakings given to service personnel when they joined the ADF.
4. Enact a Military Accord formally stating the Nations obligations to its service personnel and their families.

We believe the present unsatisfactory situation faced by many veterans of recent conflicts trying to gain support from DVA using the adversarial processes imposed by government legislation causes unnecessary significant harm. One positive way to help would be to grant lifelong health support to any veteran who has had war or warlike service which would remove the angst and uncertainty presently faced by our veterans.

In the paraphrased words of the PM – “We ask our soldiers, sailors and airmen and airwomen to shoulder a heavy burden for this country and the best way to honour them is to support and care for the heroes and veterans of today, and their families”. (6th June 2016)

And from the Leader of the Opposition – “ a nation we have been better at honouring the memory of our dead, than offering decent support for the living. None of us have the right to tell people who were prepared to pay the ultimate price, that we cannot afford to care for them. We must do better and we must do more.” (6th June 2016)

So come on Government, Opposition, the other Parties and the Independents bring out your policies so we can all see how you intend (or not) to support those you so readily send to war.

ADSO Campaign Co Directors: Ted Chitham (0418) 733 887 Alf Jaugietis (0438) 282 284
ADSO National Spokesman: David Jamison (0416) 107 557