ADSO Policy Objectives 2016-2017

19 Apr 2016

ADSO believes the members of the Australian Defence Community who have served honourably on the nations behalf deserve nothing more in return than a fair go for them and their families.

ADSO is concerned that the Australian community’s appreciation of the special and unique nature of service in the ADF has been allowed to deteriorate though lack of understanding of the demands placed on the men and women of the ADF and their families. We have observed the consequential progressive move to see service conditions for Australian Defence Force members benchmarked against community standards and veterans support as welfare. Service in the ADF comes with a cost not just to the individual service member but their dependents as well. ADSO believes that governments must play a leadership role in ensuring that the community clearly appreciates that servicemen and women and their families deserve special recognition reflecting their contribution to the service of our Nation.

ADF serving and former members expect that the conditions under which they enlist and serve will be honoured. Serving ADF members expect that there will be no reduction in conditions of service, and that Government’s clear obligation to servicemen and women will be met. There is a growing understanding
within the ADF that over time, successive Governments have fallen well short of meeting their obligation to the individual members of the Australian Defence Force and their dependents.


1. DVA Culture and Processes 
2. Veterans Disability Payments 
3. Military Superannuation  (Fair Indexation for all DFRDB recipients, Fair Indexation for all other Military Superannuation payments, MSBS Access to Employer      Benefits and DFRDB Commutation) 
4. Proposed Australian Military Accord 

5. ADF Pay 
6. Defence Housing Support 
7. Care and Accommodation Needs of Homeless Veterans 
8. ADF Member Representation in Curricula Design and Application of Vocational Training 
9. Appropriate Community Accommodation 
10. Mental Health Support Programs
11. National Consistency of Education Curricula 
12. Mefloquine