ALP Media Release – Government Should Immediately Reconsider ADF Wages Deal

11 Oct 2014

David Feeney MP. Shadow Minister for Defence, Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Member for Batman

Gai Brodtmann MP. Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence and Member for Canberra


Labor has today called on the Abbott Government to reconsider immediately its wage offer for Australian Defence Force personnel, which will see real wages in the ADF fall over the next twelve months.

Labor is very concerned that our ADF personnel are being short-changed.

Why on earth is our defence force being asked to give up their Christmas leave and accept a pay deal that will see their wages fall over the next twelve months?

Over the past three years, ADF wages have increased by an average of 3 per cent every year.

This offer is half that at only 1.5 per cent – well under inflation. It will see real wages fall, and they will also lose recreational and Christmas leave.

The Abbott Government should be ensuring a better deal for our ADF personnel, especially at a time when so many are deployed overseas away from their families.

Does this deal mean that personnel who are serving overseas no longer get leave in lieu over Christmas?

This pay offer follows a decision by the Abbott Government back in January to cut the pay and conditions of ADF personnel serving in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Australia asks our ADF personnel to defend our country and protect our national security – the very least the Government can do is pay them properly and give them proper leave.

This cut to the ADF’s pay and conditions should be reconsidered immediately.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Media Contacts: Kate Hanns (Feeney) 0423 974 363 and Madeleine Firth (Brodtmann) 0422 664 772