Anzac Disability Pensioners denied increase

23 Apr 2013

ANZAC Disability Pensioners denied Increase

Our Disabled Veterans of the Defence Force have been left out of the Governments pension increase described as essential to maintaining the purchasing power of pensions when compared with increases in wage levels.
This increase was granted to all government pensions in September 2009.

All Pensions except ANZAC Disability Pension

For the nations 29,000 Permanently Disabled Veterans suffering the effects of wounds, injury and trauma, those who have lost limbs, eyesight or their sanity are unable to earn a living for themselves and their families, this represents a financial loss of $130 a fortnight.
These Disabled Veterans who we once relied upon for our defence and protection are not asking to be treated differently from other pensioners. They are asking to be treated equally and be included in the increase in pension rate that reflects the rise in prosperity of Australian society.

We Australians pride ourselves in our ANZAC traditions and culture of mateship, of looking after each other and that you dont leave your fellow Diggers behind. We honour those who gave of their lives so that we can live in a secure, safe and equal society. Our politicians and dignitaries give speeches at gravesides of our fallen in wars and commemorate on ANZAC Day with the call Lest We Forget. However.

Our ANZAC Disabled have been Forgotten

If you believe our ANZAC Disabled should be paid the same increase to their Disability Pension as other pensions have been receiving please tell your Federal MP and Senator to do the right thing and pass legislation to give our Disabled Diggers a fair and equal go in their own country.

Please do not forget us and our families this ANZAC Day.

Jock ONeill
ANZAC Disabled TPI Pensioner
[email protected]

This article is endorsed by the TPI Federation President David Catterall and ADSO Team