Update – The Blame Game

3 Nov 2011


Issue # 8 Dated: 12 Novemebr 2011

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 Who is to blame for the fiasco of unfair indexation of military super pensions? Does it really matter whos to blame?

In this weeks video (No 8 in the Series), AVM Peter Criss addresses the blame game which is a favourite cop-out of politicians. He also returns to the key issue of fairness which sits at the heart of our campaign. The logic of his arguments and the conviction of his presentation makes it a video well worth watching.

You can view the video Click here

And while on the site, you will also be able to view other videos in the series you might have missed previously.

Peter wraps up this series next week by drawing a comparison between military super and superannuation in Private Enterprise. Dont miss it!

Please help to keep the viral circulation of these videos going. Dont just pass this video link on to your friends and contacts: ask them to support the campaign, by passing the link on to their social networks, including their family and friends and all of their contacts, both military and civilian, and adding the link to their facebook page where they have one.

In this way we can achieve the wider public awareness and support necessary to influence MPs and Senators for a change in Government policy.

Thanks for your continued support.

From the “Fair Go!” Team

Campaign Directors: Ted Chitham [email protected]

Ray Gibson

Campaign National Spokesperson: David Jamison [email protected]

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