Centre for wounded Australians opens in Canberra

24 Mar 2014

Centre for wounded Australians opens in Canberra IMGSoldier On has opened the Robert Poate Centre, the newest addition to the Soldier On Reintegration and Recovery Network and the first of its kind in the ACT.

The Centre, named after Private Robert Poate, a Canberra-born soldier killed in action in 2012, was opened by Robert’s parents, Hugh and Janny.

It will deliver support services and community activities designed to aid in the rehabilitation of both serving and ex-serving Defence personnel who have been affected by their service.

Hugh Poate said he and his wife Janny considered it an honour that Soldier On had decided to name the Canberra Reintegration and Recovery Centre after their son, Robert.

The Robert Poate Centre will offer drop in and counselling services, as well as community events such as personal training sessions, coffee catch ups and family events.

It will also serve as the charity’s headquarters, where programs that span the country will be coordinated.

CEO of Soldier On, John Bale said the new Centre was an exciting development for the care offered to our wounded around Australia.

“We hope to duplicate these types of drop-in Centres throughout the country so that anyone who needs the assistance, knows where they can find it,” Bale said.

“We want to be a one-stop-shop for Australia’s wounded and their families, collaborating with other organisations to ensure they have the world’s best care available.”

He said as demand and funding increases, the Centre in Canberra will expand to offer career counselling, training workshops and other programs to encourage successful rehabilitation and a positive and successful future for our wounded.

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