15 Sep 2014

Today, (14 September) Australian Peacekeepers Day, is a time to acknowledge the men and women who played an important role in restoring peace and harmony in areas affected by conflict around the globe.

Since Australia’s commitment to the first United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in September 1947, Australian military, police and civilians have been undertaking peace operations worldwide. More than 30,000 Australians have served on more than 60 United Nations and other multilateral peacekeeping operations since 1947.

Australia’s peacekeeping efforts have been ongoing since 1947. More than 3,500 Australians are currently serving in peace and security operations, including our continuous participation in the Middle East and Cyprus.

A number of multinational operations have been commanded by Australians. These include operations in Kashmir, Cambodia, the Sinai, Iraq and Timor-Leste. In addition to these leading roles, Australians have served in regions throughout the world in locations including the Middle East, Cyprus, Cambodia, Bougainville, the Solomon Islands, Somalia and Rwanda, among others.

Forty-eight Australians have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country during non-warlike and peacekeeping operations. Last year, as a lasting tribute to their service, their names were added to the Australian War Memorial honour roll.

Each year, on Australian Peacekeepers Day, we show our appreciation of the significant work our peacekeepers do in helping countries make the difficult transition after periods of conflict.

For more information on Australian Peacekeeping visit the DVA media centre. You can make donations to the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project fund 

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