Courier Mail article – War They Tried to Keep Secret

22 Oct 2022

At last a national media organisation, News Limited media’s Charles Miranda, has exposed publicly in the Courier Mail and the Townsville Bulletin the facts of the Australian Army’s Rifle Company Butterworth deployments (1970-1989) to protect the RAAF assets strategically deployed (aircraft, facilities, personnel and families) at Malaysia’s Air Base Butterworth during the Communist Insurgency in Malaysia 1968-1989.


The matter is now before the DHAAT.

Read the submissions to the DHAAT here with particular reference in the sequence of the RCBRG submission, the Ethicos ReportChief of the Defence Force on behalf of Defence and the RCBRG’s rejoinder to the Defence submission.

The Hearings are expected to commence in November 2022 with public hearings in Brisbane and elsewhere with a recommendation to the Minister Keogh in early 2023.