DFRDB UPDATE – JULY 2023 (Part 2)

19 Jul 2023

Our Situation
For those seeking an overview of our situation, we have condensed the evidence we compiled in the Reduction of DFRDB Defined Benefits video presentation

into an email Betrayal of Defence Veterans which we have sent to the Prime Minister and every MP and Senator.


You will see that our issue is not just about Commutation, as many still believe, and it is not just about being misled because of defective administration by Defence, as the Ombudsman found. It is about being betrayed by the Department of Defence with clandestine legislation designed to deny us the full entitlements we were led to believe we would receive if we served for 20 or more years.

We must continue to drive this message home to MPs and Senators if we are to achieve a change to the legislation.

Jim Hislop OAM

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