DFWA Update # 280 – Election Special

28 Aug 2013

Australias longest-running election campaign is finally nearing its end. There appears little doubt that of the 14 million plus voters who will be eligible to cast their vote of confidence in whomever they have deemed deserving of it, very few will not sigh in deep relief that its all over.

That relief will be no less felt by those who have been actively involved in campaigning under the ADSO Fair Go banner for a remedy to the failure of successive Governments to right the wrong that military superannuation recipients have endured through having their pensions indexed to the discredited CPI. It is a mechanism that has simply not allowed pensions to maintain their purchasing power over time.

Conceding that there may be many issues that voters may deem important enough to swing their vote, the one issue among them all that could be of uppermost importance to those who once served their country in military service is the way that they either have been treated post that service, or the way they are likely to be treated when they eventually retire. Thus far it has been shabbily.

To help all members of the Defence community, including family, friends and supporters alike, make a considered judgment about the forgoing issues at the ballot box, this  DFWA Election Update is dedicated to reporting on what each of the major and more minor Parties propose as a remedy to the fair indexation of military superannuation issue. Please note, no recommendation on the way in which anyone should cast their vote has been proffered. DFWA is apolitical and does not support or oppose any particular party, nor should be seen to do so. What we will always support are policies and /or issues that right wrongs, improve conditions and may otherwise help ADF members and their families; we will oppose those that dont.

After reading the UPDATE could I also encourage you to view a related video Election in the Cross Hairs narrated by our ADSO national media spokesman, Peter Criss. It articulates in crisp relief the impact of Government policy on the military community, including past and present members of the ADF. It also exposes the disability pension disgrace and details the policies on military super indexation for the four political parties that have announced their positions.