DFWA Update #286 – January/February 2015

3 Mar 2015

The euphoric period of this time last year for at least a section of the veterans community that benefitted from the ‘Fair Indexation’ Bill seems to have clearly waned. Arguably, the 2014 – 2015 Federal Budget which contained for many not an insignificant array of unwelcome surprises bore witness to the first of a series of unwelcome surprise for not only those ADF men and women still serving but also for the Veterans’ Community as a whole.

Those unwelcome surprises are review in this current Update. The fallout from what the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal decided about ADF pay is also discussed, as is the new ADF Super Scheme and its shortcomings, plus the looming decision that needs to be made by the Government about the future of the Defence Housing Australia. Each issue is deemed of such critical importance that lobbying efforts are in full swing to ensure that the voices of those currently serving and of the veterans’ community are heard loud and clear.

The principle aim of that efforts is focussed on one thing and one thing only, that ‘fairness’ remains the centre piece of policy development within the decision processes of Government on issues concerning the well being/conditions of service of the men and women of the ADF, and on issues that effect the living standards of the veterans, disabled or otherwise, who once served.

Recent decisions of Government place in grave doubt that anyone had ‘fairness’ in mind when those looking to fix budget problems seemed to think that the military serving and veterans’ communities would be an ‘easy touch’ where savings could be found. Really!!!!