29 Jun 2016

Over the last two month the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) have sought, in some cases pleaded, with all political parties involved in the electoral process to release their policies relating to members of the ADF and the veterans community, including all their families.
The intent was to better inform those communities of the various party policy positions and thereafter compare the policies against ADSO’s major policy objectives. 
As most parties have now announced either in whole or in part their policies relating to veterans, a status report in the form of a chart has now been prepared. It is appended herein and highlights the comparative degree to which each party intends to address the key issues of most concern to the serving and veterans’ communities.
Although ADSO welcomes the seemingly strong bi-partisan positions on mental health issues and tackling suicide and homelessness rates, the Alliance remains disappointed that the major parties remain largely silent on the following:
1. Restoring veterans’ disability payment obligations; 
2. Removing the discriminatory provisions of military superannuation schemes; and
3. Enacting an Australian Military Accord formally stating the obligations of the Nation to its service personnel and their families.
To the current serving men and women of the ADF, and to the veterans’ community, including your families and friends: ADSO does not support or oppose any political party, nor advocates voting for any candidate. It supports or opposes as necessary policies likely to be detrimental to your well-being and interests. In that spirit, this report is offered to allow you to cast your vote on polling day in an informed way. 
After the election ADSO will continue to regularly update the chart during the 45th Parliament as we continue to pursue on your behalf our stated objectives by engaging with all sides of politics in the newly elected Parliament, and by informing the Australian electorate about the issues our representatives must address going forward.
The Status Chart will be updated on our website and facebook as required
Contacts: ADSO Campaign Co Directors Ted Chitham (0418) 733 887 and Alf Jaugietis  (0438) 282 284
ADSO National Spokesman David Jamison  (0416) 107 557
United we stand, divided we fall