Election Prediction

27 Mar 2013

“Labor facing loss of half its federal seats and fifteen frontbenchers”
This extract is taken from Ben Packhams article published in The Australian on March 27, 2013 

LABOR faces the loss of 15 frontbenchers, including five cabinet ministers, in a landslide defeat that would wipe out almost half the partys seats.
If the results of yesterdays Newspoll, published in The Australian, were replicated at the September 14 election, at fewest 34 Labor MPs would be thrown from office.
Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan would be forced into early retirement along with fellow cabinet ministers Gary Gray, Craig Emerson, Stephen Smith and Peter Garrett. The outer-ministry would also be hit hard, with the loss of David Bradbury, Kate Ellis, Mike Kelly and Warren Snowdon, while parliamentary secretaries Yvette DAth, Shayne Neumann, Melissa Parke, Bernie Ripoll, Sid Sidebottom and Michael Danby would all be looking for new jobs.
GRAPHIC: Labors death row