Fe Fi Fo Fum…

23 Apr 2013

I read today with some interest that the proposed (Mike Kelly) solution for indexation of Military Pensions was to include a possible means test.

Now let me put this into perspective. Imagine approaching Mr or Mrs Average Australian in the street and telling them that the government is going to impose a tax on their personal superannuation, that will restrict their retirement payout if their income exceeds a set threshhold. There would be a public outcry that would call for the reinstatement of public hangings for heresy. When people contribute to a fund or scheme, it is their money. Just as it is the right of recipients of military super (that required compulsory contributions), to expect the conditions of the contract could not be changed.

Its about time for the giant to have their beanstalk cut from underneath them, and for the goose that laid the golden egg (us) to get electoral constipation, and call for the removal of overly generous pensions that politicians give themselves and never contributed into (pre 2004), and indexed I might add, to wage-based systems, including a back-benchers wage.