12 Sep 2018

HEADLINING a week of events honouring our current and former female Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, the third Female Veterans Policy Forum is bringing together a large, diverse group of female veterans to share their unique perspectives on life during and after military service.

InternationalWomensDay 700

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Darren Chester today opened the Forum and said he looked forward to discussing how the Department of Veterans’ Affairs could better support women who are serving, or have served, in defence of our nation.
This is a great opportunity to hear directly from our female veterans and gain valuable insights into how the unique nature of military service has shaped their lives,”  Mr Chester said.

Forum attendees explored the needs of women who have served their country or supported family members who served, and worked with them to develop potential solutions to important issues impacting their communities.
Mr Chester said it was a privilege to attend the Honouring Women United by Defence Service dinner this week and it was fitting that the events were held simultaneously, reflecting the significant support for this community.
“Women have played and continue to play an invaluable role in Australia’s rich military history, including as current and ex-serving ADF, as well as the mothers, wives, husbands, partners, sisters, children and widows of ex-serving personnel,” Mr Chester said.
Further information on the Forum can be found on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website here

12 September 2018