Greens Just Dont Get IT

25 Jan 2013

christine milne greens

I refer you to the quote from the leader of the Greens,  Christine Milne, as to what she said recently on  the subject of asylum seekers:-

“Tent accommodation was inhumane”.
She went on – “On the one hand Angus Houston is saying people will be treated better this time, and in the next breath, we are going to be setting up these huge temporary tent camps and taking away peoples human rights,” she told reporters in Canberra.

So what you saying Ms Milne – is that it is alright for Australian diggers in the First, Second, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars to live in tents defending Australia and other countries, but not for these illegal aliens? If only the Greens had supported the Fair Indexation Bill for Defence retirees with the same gusto.


tent accomodation vietnam

This was MY home for 1 year. Nui Dat Vietnam –

Your mob (Greens) just dont get it.
Kerry Seebohm SA.



You should also know that I, like thousands of ex service people, lived in tents while fighting for this country.
Duty for every soldier in Vietnam was one year – tent only.

Richard Adams
7RAR Vietnam  1967