Grocery Survey

13 Nov 2011

From the Telegraph:

Grocery survey shows that Australians are finding they do not have enough money to put food on table – Read it here

GrovyImg“If “more than 60 per cent of people surveyed are worried about not having enough money to feed their family” imagine the difficulty that military superannuation pensioners are having with their indexation payment based on a consumer price index (CPI) that is lower than the cost of living. They continue to slide into poverty

Prime Minister, why has our military superannuation pension gone up only 33% in ten years when Politicians superannuation pensions (pre 2004 scheme) have increased by 91% and the age pension by 95%?

Does your Government Really Care? OBVIOUSLY NOT

We want the same indexation percentage that is used for the Age Pension and other welfare pensions. Join the Fair Go Campaign. Help restore fair indexation, so real purchasing power of military superannuation pensions is again protected.