Indexation Documents

17 Jun 2011

adobePDFIcon Coalition policy on indexation
adobePDFIcon 25 Nov 2009 Speech by Dennis Jensen MP to the House of Representatives.
adobePDFIcon 10 Dec 2009.Letter from Senator Fielding to Greg Combet, Minister for Defence Personnel, Material and Science re pension indexation.
adobePDFIcon18 Nov 2009. DFWA Flyer Dealing With Superannuation page 1 and page 2 (added)


adobePDFIcon 5 Nov 2009. DFWA and others meet with Minister Tanner. DFWA file note here.

adobePDFIcon24 Nov 2009. A graph showing the increases in Aged Pensions, Military Superannuation Pensions and Parliamentary Pensions is here.
adobePDFIcon10 Nov 2009. DFWA Facts Sheet on Indexation is here
adobePDFIcon10 Nov 2009 DFWA Facts Sheet on Defined Vs Accumulation Superannuation Schemes is here
adobePDFIcon10 Nov 2009. A DFWA Facts Sheet on past Government Inquiries is here.
adobePDFIcon10 Nov 2009. Read the Canberra Times report page 1 here