Lambie’s Private members Bill linking Defence Pay to CPI or politicians’ pay – which ever is higher – passes the Australian Senate.

19 Mar 2015


Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has thanked members of the Labor Party, Greens and Cross Bench who have combined to defeat the Liberal and National Party members, as well as independent Senators Day and Leyonhjelm – in order to force the historic passage of her Private Member’s Bill regarding Defence Pay through the Australian Senate.

“Today the Senate sent a clear message to the PM and all members of the lower house. Its now time to put in place a legislative safety net which guarantees that ADF members’ pay increases are linked to the CPI or the pay increases’ of politicians.” said Senator Lambie.

“Now that the Australian Senate has spoken in favour of a fairer system for calculating ADF pay – I’m very interested in finding out the names of the lower house members of parliament, who will oppose my Private Member’s legislation.” said Senator Lambie.

“I’ve called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow both Liberal and National party members of Parliament to have a Conscience Vote on the: Defence Amendment (Fair Pay for Members of the ADF) Bill 2014. Members of Parliament should be allowed to put their constituents and members of our ADF first. They shouldn’t have to toe the party line on this vote.” said Senator Lambie.

“I’m hearing that many members of the Liberals and National parties are prepared to cross the floor against their party bosses’ wishes if this Bill is ever debated and put to the vote in the lower house. If Tony Abbott orders members to vote against it – it could reopen questions about his hold on the leadership of the Liberal party. It will be very interesting to hear what Malcolm Turnbull has to say about my Private Members bill.” said Senator Lambie.

“Already in desperation to distract, the Liberal’s are spreading lies about my Bill saying it will result in a pay cut – which are clearly untrue. As I said in my speech to Parliament (see attached): My bill is simply a flexible safety net, which sets a minimum standard – it doesn’t set a maximum rate of pay rise. The politicians and their bureaucrats under my legislation are allowed to increase the pay of ADF members more than the CPI and Politicians’ pay – but never less. If there’s a pay cut for the ADF the only person to blame will be the PM.” said Senator Lambie.

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